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RAID Recovery - Personal or Business Server Data Recovery

RAID Arrays are computer data storage units that contain within them up to several hard drives across which a large quantity of data is distributed. They are used to store larger quantities of data for which the traditional hard drive disc does not suffice. Data is divided and replicated among these numerous drives, stored across a larger platform and not all in once place. When one of the drives fail, data can become corrupt or no longer be accessible (either partially or entirely). The right RAID recovery engineers should be able to reverse these effects - regardless of the situation.

NAS is one of the alternatives to a specialized storage area network (SAN). A NAS device is usually connected to a shared network and can contain multiple hard drives. Having a hard drive or computer component fail could make it impossible for regular IT to recover the data due to the nonstandard operating system.

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Aesonlabs™ Data Recovery not only offers specialized RAID recovery services but on-site pickup free of charge for locations within close proximity to our facility. For all others, we provide FREE shipping and handling.

RAID recovery is crucial for businesses that store critical data on their servers including payroll details, databases with client information or large management systems. We have successfully recovered RAID Arrays of up to 10 hard disc drives, all completed within a 24-hour period with our emergency RAID data recovery services. When it comes to RAID failure or damage, we have a specialized team on standby as we understand the significance of RAID data loss for any business or company. This is made possible by the Aesonlabs™ professionals who specialize precisely in RAID data recovery. With a cleanroom environment to prevent any dust or particles from affecting your media while it's being serviced, your RAID Arrays, Servers and NAS/SAN devices will be handled with the utmost care to prevent any further complications or data loss.

RAID/NAS/SAN failures can occur for a variety of reasons such as physical damage, file system corruption or any other circumstance that may render your data inaccessible or lost such as power outages, electrical circuitry mishaps or system corruption. Even in the event that the hot spare fails (a drive that serves as the emergency data backup drive when RAID discs begin to fail), Aesonlabs™ Data Recovery has the specialized RAID recovery tools to retrieve the data it was unable to salvage.

In order to recover lost RAID Array data, our professionals examine the damaged and/or failed discs within the device and determine their sequence. With this information, they can pinpoint what block size was used and at what offset the data began - in other words, how much data was stored and where it was stored. From here, we begin the RAID recovery process in extracting the data that was previously inaccessible, damaged or corrupt.

Unexpected failure for RAID, NAS or SAN are not uncommon, and Aesonlabs™ Data Recovery utilizes special RAID data recovery technology that is unparalleled even by the manufacturers of the systems themselves. We also offer data recovery services for virtual business servers of all types.

We offer RAID recovery services for RAID Arrays types 1 through 6 as well as RAID 10, RAID 50 and more including SAN and NAS systems. You may submit your case to get started or contact our 24-hour phone support.