Why become our partner?

Aesonlabs prides itself on having one of the top referral programs available today. Unlike standard programs where only a small percentage of profits is offered, we offer a serious partnership. Our experts will help develop an overall marketing strategy for your company, including price quotes, recovery service promotion, storefront and website accommodations, and custom marketing materials. No investment is needed on your part, and there are no upfront fees.

We believe in strong partnerships where both parties benefit, and that's why Aesonlabs ensures that you not only receive a generous percentage for nurturing customer and partnership loyalty, but that you increase your company status in the respective market through a mutually-beneficial professional relationship. In short, we want to merge with your company and offer our services for your clientele, bringing more business to your door-step.

How does the referral program work?

This referral program will be a mutually beneficial relationship where [Your Company] will refer clients to Aesonlabs Data Recovery where they will be provided with quality recovery services for the retrieval and extraction of data from various media devices, and the repair of damaged media devices. In return, [Your Company] will receive a commission for every successful recovery.

For the duration of one month's period, starting from the date of commencement of the referral program, you will receive a percentage of the profit earned from each successful recovery from clients you have referred to us. Commission rates only apply to recovery services.

Partnership benefits.

Want to be a Reseller?

No problem! Manage the accounts yourself, hand the media over to us for recovery, and charge whatever you'd like on top of our fixed rates.

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