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There are a number of reasons why data loss can occur and some of them are beyond a user's control. Let's run through some of the most common scenarios.


Logical Failures & Bad Sectors

Logical failure means there is a corruption or failure within the software that is preventing access to your data. So although there is no physical damage to the internal components themselves, there is logical damage to the file system that prevents it from being read or written to. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as malware or a virus, when hard drive recovery may be necessary.
In order to retrieve these files, an individual engineer is assigned to your case where, after having run thorough diagnostics, the appropriate steps are taken for successful recovery.


Electrical/Electronic Failures

Unlike logical failure, where the corruption is within the software, electronic damage occurs when there is damage on the PCB / Printed Circuit Board of the media storage device. The PCB holds the majority of electrical components for your media device, so any failure, corruption or damage on the PCB would need to be repaired by an experienced engineer and with tools specifically designed for circuitry.

Mechanical Failures

Mechanical failures occur when an internal component, such as a spindle motor or read/write head, isn't functioning properly. It's an actual physical component that is keeping the media storage device from working. In a case like this, hard drive recovery means physically opening the device in a 100% clean room environment where it will either be repaired or replaced by identical components from a matched donor drive.

Firmware Failures

This is a failure in the actual program on the media device that allows it to function. It's inside a microprocessor or in a separate chip altogether, called the ROM. This software controls the reading/writing to and from platters, and when it fails, you cannot access your data unless you get it serviced for hard drive recovery. What we do at Aesonlabs Data Recovery is have technicians boost the software just long enough to access your data and during this time, we retrieve your information and recover your data.