Data Recovery Process

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Wondering how the data recovery process works? It’s easy, with just four simple steps you can be on your way to retrieving your critical data.

Submit Your Help Request

1. Submit Your Help Request Form

By submitting your case for data recovery at our Toronto headquarters, you can select the desired service, provide a detailed description of your situation and automatically get a profile in the Customer Portal where you can not only track the progress of your data or even single file recovery, but make upgrades, payments and monitor any changes or updates

Ship / Drop Off Your Media

2. Ship Us / Drop Off Your Media To Our Facility / Laboratory

After submitting your case, you will immediately receive your Case ID #, password and shipping instructions on how to safely package and deliver your media storage device to our data recovery facility. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully as they help prevent further damage and/or media loss during the shipment process. These instructions will also be accompanied by a printable shipping label to put on your package.

We Run Diagnostics

3. We Run Thorough Diagnostics

Upon receiving your media, prior to any data recovery, we first run diagnostics to determine the root of the problem. We keep in mind your detailed description of what happened to your media and work with this information to diagnose the problem. Once we understand the problem, we determine the appropriate file recovery strategy to extract your lost or corrupt data.

We Recover Your Data

4. We Recover Your Data And Get It Back To You

After diagnosing the root problem, we begin the thorough and delicate file recovery process. During this time, we work in a cleanroom facility only with the tools that have been specifically designed to handle the circuitry and/or physical components of your particular media device. Once data recovery is complete, we store it on an alternate device that you may either provide or purchase.