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Why Your Hard Drive No Longer Powers Up.

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Hard Drive No Longer Working or Powers Up?

Did you see some smoke coming out from your hard drive? Did it smell like something just got burnt? When you tried turning it on nothing happened? Most likely there has been a physical impairment to the Printed Circuit Board of your hard drive. It is not unusual for this to happen, as power surges do tend to happen now and then. Also this might happen if you accidentally try to plug in a wrong power adapter to your hard disk. Over voltage to the PCB, usually ends up with a burn mark on the chip. Not the greatest sight, but it does happen. So when your adapter does fail for example and you decide to find an replacement, make sure you match both the voltage and the resistance, other wise you will end up with a bricked hard disk.

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Damaged PCBs fall into Electronic failure type recoveries, whether it's a bad controller or corrupt firmware with use of proper tools, your data can be saved. While electronic failures are not as complicated as mechanical, in some cases finding a proper donor match can be exhausting and time consuming, as a lot of factors get involved into searching for the correct one. Things like serial numbers, revisions, manufacturing dates and warehouse stamps play role in finding the correct candidate.

We hear a lot of things like "Hey why don't you just swap the PCB from a donor drive". Well the thing is, it's not as easy as you might think it is. While it was possible for something like this to work, it was possible when the Maxtor family of drives still existed, some models did let you do the swap and voila you had your self a working drive again. Now a days, it's way more complicated than that. Like we said already way too many factors get involved in finding the appropriate donor board. So if you try to swap the board with a similar one even if matches model and serial, the hard drive will NOT work. Furthermore you might actually cause more damage with the swap, so we strongly discourage you to swap the board yourself.

While above mentioned scenarios are the most common, there are number of others, hard drive needs to go through thorough diagnostic stage to determine the correct type and the strategy to work around the issue.

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