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Encrypted Data Recovery
AesonLabs Data Recovery offers a variety of specialized file recovery services for the retrieval of encrypted data.

Encrypted Data Recovery

Encryption of data has become extremely popular as a method for both preserving privacy and enhancing protection of valuable information. Although encryption adds an element of complexity, file recovery is still possible when handled by the right specialists. Aesonlabs™ Data Recovery has successfully retrieved data for a number of businesses and government organizations that use specialized encryption technology to protect their information.

In order to begin the decryption process for a successful file recovery, a user key, password, pass-phrase, or encryption software key file is needed. If this isn't available, we would need the decryption credentials. At Aesonlabs™ Data Recovery, we even go the extra step in working with the provider of those credentials in order to decrypt your files for encrypted data recovery.

Aesonlabs Data Recovery offers a variety of specialized file recovery services for the retrieval of encrypted data such as:

  • deleted user accounts
  • deleted profiles
  • missing or misconfigured data recovery authorities
  • incorrect transfers of user accounts between domains
  • moving hard disks with encrypted data between computers
  • sector-level disk scanning
  • locating deleted keys
  • locating lost keys
  • lost data due to disk reformatting

Our engineers are equipped with both the skills and experience needed for successful file recovery of encrypted data. Even in the event that a user key or pass-phrase cannot be acquired, Aesonlabs™ Data Recovery still exhausts every possibility to ensure that all steps are taken for data recovery.

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