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Database Data Recovery

The world's second most used management system in database storage units, that is used across a variety of platforms, is the MySQL database software program. That is why the right database file recovery tool is of vital importance.PST files are also considered to be database type files, but we it pertains to email recovery cases at Aesonlabs Data Recovery.

MySQL databases are often used to store critical information such as personal and company records, collected statistics and other vital data. MySQL database failures could be the result of a variety of things such as storage device damage, file system failure or compromised internal structures.

Depending on the level where data corruption occurred, our MySQL recovery engineers will take the necessary steps to pave a road for database file recovery. If data is inaccessible due to problems with the media storage device itself, our technicians will work towards repairing any damages or impairments. If there is a file system corruption, our specialists will adjust and modify that level for data extraction and file recovery. And in the event that there are no evident clues as to the cause and location of the data corruption, then Aesonlabs™ database recovery engineers will examine the entire device inside and out until a diagnosis can be made.

Email Recovery (Exchange, PST File Recovery)

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Emails are one of the most popular online correspondence services available to date. Loss of important email data can be crucial, which is why Aesonlabs™ Data Recovery offers specialized email recovery services for any data loss scenario. We implement the appropriate email data recovery tool for any email type including, but not limited to:

  • PST/OST files (Microsoft Outlook data files)
  • DBX files (Outlook Express data files)
  • EDB files (Exchange data files)
  • MBX/TOC files (Eudora mailbox data files)
  • Other extension files including Mac operating system files

We offer Standard, Same Day Diagnostics, Rush, Priority, and Emergency database recovery services and have technicians on standby 24-hours a day with our 24-hour phone support. We have the certified email recovery tools for your email service provider, ensuring suggested file recovery within a reasonable time frame.