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Hard Drive Started Clicking, Beeping, Maybe Its Not Spinning At All?

Was your hard drive accidentally dropped, or maybe there was a power surge and out of no where it is making clicking or beeping noises? Is it not spinning at all? Damaged by a flood and you are afraid of turning it on? These are all pretty much worst case scenarios that can happen to your hard drive, but don't panic or worry too much, 95% of the time the data can still be saved. First thing first, do not attempt to power it on again and most important do not try to recover it your self! You have watched some Youtube videos on some data recovery tutorials and thinking now maybe it's just stuck heads and you can just easily release them.


More than half of our cases we receive turn out to have scratched or damaged platters, because the hard disk was opened without use of proper tools or clean room facility. Unlike other data recovery firms, we can still recover data even from scratched surfaces, but the chances for the recovery usually fall down to about 40% and the prices for these type of failures go up to 60% from what we would originally quote. It is very important you seek a professional right away.

Clicking, beeping or stuck spindle hard drives are considered to fall into mechanical failure types of recoveries, and in most cases we do need to swap either the head stack assembly or in very severe cases a full platters transplant. These are extremely complicated and delicate procedures and they do require to have use of proper dust free environment or as other call it clean room facility. Unfortunately there are companies that operate as data recovery firms, but in reality they are just marketing firms that end up selling their leads as bids, and most of the time these bids end up going to overseas. Once your hard drive ends up in the wrong hands, the chances for a successful recovery fall to almost none. Be very careful when selecting a data recovery firm. You can usually take precaution measures and look at these following factors.

Does the company have an actual office? Look at their website, sometimes it's just a phone number and offers of free pick ups.

Do research on websites like Better Business Bureau. If the company have not been performing too good, you will most likely see some bad reviews along with legitimate customer complaints.

Do not judge the company only by Google Reviews. Most of those are fake and takes about a minute to leave a very positive review. Also watch out for all 5 star reviews, this is a sign a company is manufacturing them to get higher reputation.

Alright, so what is exactly happening inside of your hard drive when it starts clicking or beeping. The are lots of different reasons or causes, but we will try to go over the main ones, the ones that we have to deal with on daily basis. Let's say your hard drive dropped from a desk and started clicking right away, this means most likely the head stack assembly, that both reads and writes from and on to your platters have just gotten dis-aligned and after proceeding to a parking position it is now attempting to get access onto the platters, but one or all of the dis-aligned heads are restricting it from doing that. So you get continuous clicks or in some cases beeps. And below you can hear, what they actually sound like:

Sometimes due to power surges for example, you can get a dead hard drive that does not spin at all. That usually happens when a spindle inside of your hard drive gets stuck. These cases do need special tools to release the spindle and the platters, so do not ever try to release it yourself. You will damage the surface. Seek a professional right away.

So Now You Know A Little About What is Happening With Your Hard Drive. Ready To Proceed?

It looks like you are ready to proceed with data recovery, but still somewhat skeptical. Do not worry, we will put your mind at ease, as long as your hard drive has not been thrown into the lava, WE CAN recover it, even with multiple scratches present. We have helped thousand individuals and businesses around the Globe, and are quiet confident we can help you as well.