Different things you have to consider when trying to keep your data safe and there are some things that you should not do.


  • Frequently backup your data
  • Turn off your computer if you notice anything wrong with it and do not attempt to power on often which could result in further damage of data
  • If you need to send your drive to a recovery service for data recovery. Package it properly to prevent any other damage during transport


  • In case of any damage to the hard drive, do not attempt to fix it by removing the cover, seek expert assistance
  • Never place your computer on a movable object, shock may cause damage to the hard drive
  • Never subject the hard drive to extreme temperature change, hot or cold
  • Never attempt to power on if the drive has been exposed to water, fire, or smoke

There is nothing more valuable for an organization than the data required for its daily operations, just the same, with the use of computers, individuals frequently store very important information and important documents on their devices. It is important to not only know how to keep them safe but also what to do in case you lose some or all of the data.