Data breach in businesses and organizations

Arby’s is one of the biggest fast food restaurant in the United States. Recently it has become a victim of a data breach. In fact, according to the Arby spokesman in Atlanta, the company became aware of some malicious software placed on their ATM machine at many of their restaurants throughout the nation. Arby’s senior vice president of communication noted that, Arby has more than thousands of restaurants but not all were affected.

The Payment Solution of Credit Union (PSCU) obtained the initial clue of such attack noting that they believe that more than 355,000 credit and debit cards were compromised. Arby does not know how long data were being stolen from their payment system but believe it took place between Oct.29 and Jan 19. Such new arrives a the wake of similar breach in another fast food, Wendy’s.

Arby said that they have since eradicated the malware. Such malware, they believe, in the same that had been used to target other businesses, department stores and homes.

In other news of similar nature, CiCi’s Pizza was also the victim of a similar attack. The pizza restaurant has some 500 stores across 35 states. Krebsonsecurity reports half a dozen data breach in financial company in the United State. Staples store, and Michaels craft stores, Noodles & company’s are among those affected.

In 2016 alone, more than 15.2 million Americans had their confidential financial information compromised. Safetica USA research, US Department of Health and healthcare Human Services indicate a record increase of 318 cases in 2016 compared with 270 in 2015 with regards to healthcare data breaches The State with the most breach is California with about 4,524,278 cases.

Investigation conducted by Safetica shows unlike common thinking that hacking is not the biggest problem with regards to data threats. They rank 41.5% unauthorized access disclosure, 31.8% hacking, 19% theft, 5.4% data loss, 2.3% improper disposal. For 2017, Safetica envisage even bigger loss or theft of data

Despite the fact that technologies can be found to mitigate such risk of data loss, misjudgements, and inside errors, it also requires staff learning and adapting new processes. Safricas offers three solutions for insider threats of data breach: audit, implementation, and advocate.

  • Audit – With audit, the organization can assess points of internal processes that needs to be strengthen.
  • A data loss prevention method needs to be implemented. It implies points of barriers for data access depending on the critical level of the data. Whether the data are saved on an external drive, in the cloud, or with file sharing services.
  • The third essential measure according to Safetica is to advocate the security measures with partners or contractors. For example, the Department of Health & Human Services should have their business associates maintain the highest standard of data security.