Cybercrime, Data storage and Recovery Services in 2017

A cybersecurity company in Russia has made the revelation that it is capable of retrieving or deleting the security data of Safari. The company, Elcomsoft, is in the service of providing forensic software. The company’s CEO, Vladimir Katalov notes that the data are kept by apple in a file named “tombstone” which is used for syncing different devices. In an interview with Forbes, Katalov said “the discovery was made by accident and we used our software to extract the deleted files”. He also said that “such files can remain in the cloud forever”

Jay Stanley, a privacy and security expert of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) showed her indignation by telling Forbes that it is worrying because regardless if it was a mistake made by Apple, data retention is often undertaken by default. Knowing the browsing history of a customer is a very sensitive matter Katalov noted; it is uncomfortable for users to know that their data had never been deleted. They need to feel that they can trust and have control of such kind of information.

Per Thorsheim, Elcomsoft press release organizer of a security conference, added that any data that can be extracted is certainly of interest and most of all for law enforcement. The claims made by Katalov have yet to obtain any response from Apple.

In other news, Baracuda has announced updates to refresh their backup platform storage capacity. With this new release, Barracuda aims at targeting organizations, having high demands, but limited resources while simultaneously providing IT professionals the possibility for better planning and supporting future growth.

Features of the new backup appliance include:

  • Up to 100% more capacity
  • Performance updates that help to speed up the backup
  • It provides better cost per tetra byte
  • It allows clients to replicate or backup data faster

Cybercrime, Data storage and Recovery Services in 2017
Barracuda makes available the new software to current customers at no extra cost.

According to Allan Hurst, a Barracuda Channel Partner, Enterprise Strategy Director at KIS:

  • The 100% increased capacity to give customers better flexibility in managing their data protection requirements in a cost-effective manner and room for growth as their data capacity expands in the future
  • Included in this new release are performance enhancement updates that help clients replicate, backup and restore data faster. Also Barracuda includes a 10 Gigabyte Ethernet connection along with its backup for faster transfer of data
  • To fight against ransomware, the system creates backup updates instantly while files are being revised and makes duplicate copies in the cloud.

Rod Matthew, vice president and general manager, data protection at Barracuda, indicate that what is vital today is performance, particularly at a time when ransomware attacks are becoming ever so frequent. Barracuda is then the world leader in Purpose-build Backup Appliances (PBBA) and also the world leading cloud-base data protection provider.

Finally, Gem alto, the world leader in digital security, has announced the implementation of two revolutionizing solutions that offers organization increased security and higher performance when encrypting data in the cloud, enterprise, and high-speed network. The new SafeNet Luna HSM 7 is to date the industry, most scalable platform for performing a large amount of cryptographic operations simultaneously. That includes, digital signing, authentication, encryption and decryption.

Gemalto also announced the release of a new 100Gbps SafeNet High speed encryptor to be used for offering unparalleled performance and security for the protection of data and sensitive communications in high capacity networks. This new addition helps to protect communications encrypted in the 100 Gbps bandwidth. It features reduced latency lower than 2 microseconds ensuring the optimization of network performance.