Forensic Audio Restoration and Enhancement Services

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Audio Enhancement
We work with all audio formats including: WAV, AIFF (Native Apple format), CDA (Standard or 'mastered' CD Audio), OGG, GSM, DCT, FLAC, RAW, VOX, AU, and others ...

Forensic Audio Restoration Services

Aesonlabs™ Data Recovery specializes in the audio restoration of various recordings, principally for forensic and legal purposes. Legal and forensic audio restoration consists of reducing unnecessary noise while preserving the aural quality of the original content.

Every individual audio recording is examined thoroughly and depending on the material, Aesonlabs™ Data Recovery in the Toronto facility offers restoration services that include, but are not limited to:

  • professional forensic restoration
  • spectral analysis & authentication
  • dialogue enhancement
  • background de-noising
  • aural enhancement
  • click and crackle removal
  • hiss reduction
  • rumble and hum reduction
  • resurrecting old recordings
  • overall audio repair

We work with all audio formats including:

  • WAV
  • AIFF (Native Apple format)
  • CDA (Standard or 'mastered' CD Audio)
  • OGG
  • GSM, DCT
  • FLAC
  • RAW, VOX, AU
  • All standard sample rates and bit depths.

Aesonlabs™ Data Recovery in Toronto experts, who are also forensic audio restoration engineers are skilled in both machine-based restoration and manually targeted digital restoration (such as manual waveform editing). Without disrupting the original recording, our specialists can create clean, crisp sound that will enhance and repair your recording.

Call and speak with one of our Audio Restoration Experts to get started with your restoration process. Toll Free: 1.888.833.8701